A few recommendations to reduce the risk of being kidnapped


The lack of security is one of the main concerns for Venezuelan residents these days. The increasing kidnapping and murder rates have become everyday news in the front pages of the newspapers.

Kidnapping is perhaps one of the most common crimes occurring in Venezuela on a daily basis. Nobody’s safe from it, so it’s necessary to know some ways to avoid it and be aware of the areas where it’s most likely to occur.

Below are a few recommendations:

  1. Change your commuting routines (hours, routes) to the places you most commonly visit.
  2. Be aware of the suspicious behavior of people around you.
  3. An attack will only be successful if you’re caught by surprise, stay alert.
  4. Ask for help if you suspect you’re being followed; your attitude might dissuade the potential kidnapper.
  5. Avoid being ostentatious with your belongings in front of strangers.
  6. Do not carry out transactions in front of people you don’t know or in isolated places. If possible, have someone you trust accompany you.
  7. Avoid revealing details of your personal and family life in front of strangers or in social networks, mobile phones, etc.

Among the places where kidnappings are more likely to take place we can mention:

  1. Sectors close to your residence and place of work.
  2. Places you usually go to (clubs, restaurants, etc.)
  3. Your usual stops during your commute to and from work (newsstand, bakery, etc.)
  4. Areas near your children’s school or complementary education centers.


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