Real cost of cyber attacks in 2013

hacker-hackeo-computadora-robo-informacionUsually, the most costly cyber crimes are caused by service denial attacks, malicious employees and network-based attacks. Together, these types of attacks represent over 55% of the annual cyber-crime costs per organization.

Cyber theft is still the costliest of these crimes, while business interruption is in second place. Account loss represents 43% of annual external costs, 41% more than in 2012. Business interruption or loss of productivity represents 36% of external costs, up from 18% in 2012.

Recovery and detection processes are the costliest internal activities. These represented 49% in 2012, mainly involving disbursements and labor costs.

The cost of cyber crimes varies depending on the size of the company, although small companies are the ones spending more significant amounts per capita.

Financial, service, defense, energy and utility companies record much higher costs due to cyber crimes than retail, hospitality and consumption companies.


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