DUI re-offenders in Belarus could lose their vehicles

1390982407_alkohol_2Belarus government will confiscate DUI re-offenders’ vehicles under a new law recently in force after being proposed by President Alexandr Lukashenko.

According to the new law, drivers pulled over a second time with blood alcohol levels over the legal limit will be criminally processed and their vehicles will be retained.

The vehicle will be confiscated, regardless of whether the driver is the owner or not, with the exception of stolen vehicles. The law was passed in response to the 55,000 drunk drivers arrested per year in Belarus, according to national statistics.

The vehicles confiscated will be sold in public auction and the money will be used to assist people affected by accidents involving drunk drivers. Moreover, driver license suspension periods for DUI offenders have been increased to 3 years with fines of up to 1.500 USD.

The new law also contemplates convictions of up to seven years in prison for drunk drivers who cause the death of a person and up to ten years if there are two or more deadly victims.



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