What are cookies?

internet-cookies-640x384Cookies are files used by web servers to store, recover and use information about their visitors. This way, when users return to a website they’ve visited before, the site keeps certain information about the users, such as name, password, and products or services the user showed interest in, etc. The file (cookie) is downloaded into our computer’s hard drive with the website’s browsing information.

Over the past few months, internet users may have noticed that most websites have posted cookie warnings, informing them that the website they’re visiting uses them to “improve browsing experience,” advising that if you decide to continue browsing, you imply authorization, and leaving the option to provide express consent by clicking an “I Accept” button.

But the truth is that most, not to say all websites, install cookies before users express their consent. The information about cookies is usually developed under the general website use conditions, a marginal or even hidden place rarely accessed by users when browsing a website mostly due to an absolute lack of interest.

However, users can avoid cookie downloads by disabling them in their browser options.



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