What to do if you accidentally find yourself in a protest

protestasocialAssuming you’ve accidentally found yourself in the middle of a protest and it is not your intention to participate in it, here’s our suggestion:

  • Do not run but move away from the group at a fast pace, find unblocked exit routes.
  • If you see police forces or unidentified groups of bikers, do not go towards them; find an alternate exit.
  • Do not fraternize with protesters or repeat their slogans or shouts.
  • Immediately call people you trust and let them know where you are.
  • If violence breaks out, run and find a safe place to hide; do not expose yourself by running within the group. Remember, you need to stay away from the group.
  • If you’re in your vehicle and it gets stuck in a roadblock: keep calm, do not argue with protesters, and be quiet.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to move your vehicle to one side or the other, always with the protesters consent and without confronting them, after all they outnumber you and could be violent.
  • Never try to drive over a barricade, this could be taken as a provocation by protesters and you could get an aggressive response.
  • If violence breaks out and you have a chance to step out of your vehicle to find safety elsewhere, do it as soon as you can and be careful not to be mistaken with protesters. Assess the situation and choose your best option; sometimes it’s best to stay inside the vehicle, but if there’s tear gas in the scene, you will suffer the consequences.
  • Have in mind how dangerous it is to run in the open when there are detonations and shots being fired, find protection behind walls, trees or lay on the ground.
  • In emergency situations, keep your people informed of your last position.


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