The importance of immediate response in case of emergency

EmergenciasOver the last two decades, disaster and accident notification systems have been optimized in Venezuela. These notification systems include landline telephone networks, mobile networks, open and closed circuit TV, radio, satellite transmissions and in the last decade, Internet.

Internal communication services have been implemented, connecting city halls and state governments to the Integral Emergency System at telephone master 171 (Soon 911), from which calls are redirected, depending on the emergency reported and location of the citizen requiring immediate attention.

These devices were implemented so that citizens would be able to use the communication system in case of emergency, crisis or disaster, and they represent a benefit to the community, mainly because it helps coordinate emergency operations effectively with the authorities offering assistance and protection.

Vital Contact

Operators of the Integral Emergency System 171 are often informed by competent authorities about current events as fundamental part of the emergency information system.

Mobile operators have also joined the national emergency system. A call to *911 (Movistar), 112 (Digitel) and *1 (Movilnet) quickly connects the user to an operator who transfers the call to the competent authorities depending on the emergency (fire department, police department, among others). Operators verify the location of the person making the call, determine the nature of the emergency and decide which organization to notify.

Valuable information

To obtain more information on how and who to contact  during an emergency and receive useful tips to be prepared in case of contingency, visit the website of your municipality of residence.

It is important, as preventive measure, to have emergency service numbers at hand in case of contingency.

Some numbers to call in case of emergency

Integral Emergency System 171

Metropolitan Ambulance Service (SAM) (0212)545.4545/46.55/577.92.09

Venezuelan Red Cross (0212)578.25.16/571.24.11

Civil Protection (0212)631.86.62/90.58/662.84.76/32.05/545.93.91

CICPC (0800).CICPC.24/(0800)272.42.24

Hidrocapital Emergency (0800)768.22.53

National Transit Inspectorate (I.N.T.) 167

VIVEX (Expressway Surveillance) (0212)471.60.01/471.41.34



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