Residences without prevention systems are more vulnerable

robos-casaCriminal gangs involved in stealing residential complexes, seek to operate primarily on condos that don’t have adequate physical security systems (perimeter barriers, efficient lighting system, access control devices and alarm and detection systems).

There are at least two modus operandi of this type of crime: one, in which a person is abducted in the street and taken to the so-called “Millionaire trip”, ending with the sacking of his house, and the other when a group of criminals plan to take a whole condo to submit several families at the same time.

In both cases, the vulnerability of the victims can be reduced if they live in a residence equipped with efficient security systems, and also be acquainted with the preventive measures regarding approaching or leaving the residency.

As a prevention of this type of crime, consultation with a responsible company in the area of ​​physical security is recommended.



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