Public safety in Smart Cities

smart citiesPublic safety has lately become one of the issues of main concern and one of the greatest challenges of modern society.

In Latin America, the concept of Smart City has been increasingly spread by different technology companies such as IBM, HP, Cisco, Ericcson, Siemens and NEC, among others, who offer platforms full of applications for all fields of the administration of cities with over 1 million inhabitants growing at an accelerated rate. According to the United Nations (UN), by half of the current century, 70% of the world’s population will live in smart cities.

Smart Cities will be integrated with systems capable of providing features and services such as: public administration, traffic control, crime prevention, fire prevention, health, education, environment, residential networks, among others, combining high-tech infrastructure with information technologies available anywhere in urban areas which will be managed by Smart Operation Centers.

trojmiasto-reklama-na-telebimachIn the issue of public safety there are real-time analytical solutions that help authorities reduce the incidence of crime, activate emergency response teams and improve citizen services. Authorities are able to use the information from sensors, cameras, integrated communications and criminal databases to make the smartest and most opportune decisions.

The importance of technological systems in public safety is based on the fact that they don’t only generate a “safe feeling” in people when they are in protected areas, but also help expedite police action.

This kind of system has been installed in several American countries, including USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil, among others.

Panic buttons, cameras and microphones are some of the devices already in action in some municipalities of our capital city (Chacao, Baruta) and there are plans to install these systems in other cities. Venezuela would be benefited by these technological systems, starting with their application in the prevention of crimes and the improvement of basic services.



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