Are there reasons valid enough to carry a gun?

get-arma-ocultaMotives to carry a gun in Venezuela seem obvious. The common citizen tries to carry a gun because he or she feels unsafe when it comes to security issues. However, national statistics and those of the World Health Organization (WHO) highlight that if you are in possession of a weapon you are most likely to die as a result of a killing. The feeling of security that a gun apparently makes us feel is totally unfounded, simply put, a false one.

According to the WHO, the person carrying a gun is 10 times more likely to die at the hands of criminals. And if the gun is left at home, there are 4 times more chances that the gun kills a family member instead of a criminal. Keeping a weapon in the house represents a great temptation for young people and teenagers that might be interested in shooting it for fun or using it to face someone that might be a threat.

The reasons for stating that an armed person is likely to die in the hands of a criminal would be given by the inexperience when using a gun, lack of training and having the wrong mindset. Criminals are used to face-off situations therefore shooting their weapons frequently. While a person whose only practice is a shooting camp once or twice a month, doesn’t mean this person has enough expertise or is able to react within specific and controlled conditions, far from the ones that will take place in the streets.

As for the mindset, common sense prevails when avoiding a face-off. There have been widely known cases in which the people with the expertise in weapons, sufficient experience and training, and even linked to security organizations have been killed by criminals due to a case of wrong mindset.

Whether armed or not, the golden rule in security is to avoid dangerous situations. When you are not smart avoiding such, you are increasing the total risks. Knowing how to walk away from a confrontation is essential.

Confrontation must be avoided at any cost, exhausting to the maximum the rest of the options.  The simple fact that someone shows a weapon will turn him or her into a trophy, a tasty target for criminals whom will take it away by neutralizing or killing the target in order to get the gun.



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