Condominium at the Expense of Crime

CCTVVenezuela is a country in which their citizens must invest in personal safety especially in Caracas, a city in which an average 14 kidnappings a week and 15 robberies and 8 murders a day are committed as reported off the record by the Body of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC, in Spanish).

Electric fences, especial gates for garages, bars for houses and buildings, security cameras, vigilance services, coded keys, emergency response services, life insurances, insurance against car theft, special devices and armor for vehicles are just a small part of a larger list of security expenses that reduce the availability of money and the possibilities to spend it on health, travel or leisure for the Venezuelan.

In a building where 150 families live there may require an average 60 thousand Bolivars monthly for vigilance expenses and maybe, some 10 percent of such amount for maintenance and repair of security devices, electric lock systems and other equipment.

Therefore, it is very important at the time of investing money, to have a plan or program that will harmonize the budget availability with the existing priorities. It is convenient to base on a risk assessment study prepared by a certified specialist, who shall help with the implementation plan according to your reach. Careful attention must be given to the selection of the equipment and devices for electronic safety.

In general, you must use renowned brands in terms of quality and reliability considering both the high initial economic impact and the mid-term compensation due to their durability and low failure frequency.

A risk assessment study shall highlight what are the areas of vulnerability in your house or building, and shall provide suggestions on how to solve them. A vendor or supplier of security systems that does not rely on a previous study will offer you everything that is at hand in terms of making a sale, which might eventually end in a waste of your money.


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