How would you know if your cell phone is being controlled remotely?

Smartphones1Currently, most malware comes from text messages (SMS), advertising programs and applications download from unreliable sites.

The consequences of controlling a phone range from spying through it to information theft by stealing your contacts list. At Google, is possible to find tools such as Mobile Spy, Spyera Gold or Flexispy to spy on someone. The latter is sold as the definitive tool for people that are suspicious of their lovers.

There are many symptoms that could mean that a smartphone has been hacked. In order to find out with certainty, the best thing to do is to get help from a professional or to download an antivirus application; many are free or are available for testing trials in the Internet, which are very useful to analyze our device. Eset, Avira and Kaspersky offer testing applications that are free and that can be used to verify the state of the phone but, there are many more.

A few of the symptoms are as follows:

Larger than usual bill

One of the clearer indications that the phone has been hacked can be identified in the invoice. If the user discovers that the bill increases and does not recognize many of the numbers expressed on it, or suspects that they do not correspond to any of the contacts in their agenda, it might mean that a Trojan virus has been sending SMS or making calls to monitored phones.

Increase in data usage

The malware usually sends information to the cybercriminals, which implies an increase in the data usage. If your provider has reduced your transfer speed it might be because you are consuming a lot of data. And this can be caused by a virus that might be operating while you are unaware of it.

The calls are off or the SMS never arrive

Even though it might look as if there is maximum coverage, sometimes the phone’s more basic functions do not work with reliability. This is because the malware attempts to intercept calls and even, forward such calls toward other numbers with a higher rate or through proxies.

The battery runs out inexplicably

It can also be a sign that the battery runs out ahead of time without having used the cellular phone. In this case, it is also possible that a program might be stored in the active memory and is executing various applications at the same time.

The applications (apps) close unexpectedly

If an application that has always worked without any issues, and that has not been updated, suddenly starts closing often, it might be a symptom of something interfering with the phone’s operability. Whenever this occurs, the user has to verify that the issue is not caused by the lack of resources of the device such as old versions of Android, or that it is caused by the application.



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