Safety information for airline passengers

???????????????????????????????G4S Venezuela provides a few recommendations for your safety as informed by the Aviation Safety Network:

Before a flight

Before booking a flight many people want to know if the airline is safe. However, it is difficult to ensure if an airline might be safe or not, just by looking at fatal statistics. Therefore, a categorization of airline companies might not give any information whatsoever with regards to safety, not even taking into consideration the deaths per passenger/kilometer flighted. Besides the fact that there are few fatal accidents that can be the basis for a faithful statistics database, safety does not always depend upon the airline. Other factors may come to play such as the environment in which the airline operates (mountains or storm areas), as well as security within airports in case of hijackings or terrorists attacks. If you wish to check if an airline company has lost any airplanes in any accidents, you may also check the airlines index of the security database of the Aviation Safety Network (ASN), through their web page

asn_header3During the flight

On board of the plane, there are a few things you must remember:

  • Pay attention to the safety instructions demonstration performed by the flight crew.
  • Read carefully the safety instructions leaflet located in the back of the seat in front of yours.
  • Locate the nearest emergency exit and learn how to open it in case of an emergency (check the safety instructions leaflet.)
  • Whenever seated, always keep your seat belt fasten (turbulences may occur unexpectedly causing serious injuries.


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