Two Latin airlines in the top 5 world’s least safe carriers

china alBrazilian airlines TAM and GOL are ranked among the world’s least safe airlines in the last thirty years according to the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center.

The least safe airline is China Airlines, reporting 8 hull losses and 755 deaths. GOL is also one of the least safe airlines, after an air crash that took place between Manaos and Brasilia in 2006 involving a GOL jet and a smaller Legacy Executive jet. The two planes crashed into each other during flight, causing the death of 155 people in the GOL jet.

TAM is the second least safe airline in the world, after an accident occurred in Sao Paulo in July of 2007. According to investigations presented in the trial that took place this year, the Airbus A-320 coming from Porto Alegre attempted to land under heavy rain in a recently re-paved track. The plane was pushed off the Congonhas airport track and caught fire as it crashed against a gas station and an airline building.

The ranking prepared by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center is based on victims and hull losses since 1983. The ranking also considers the number of deaths in relation to kilometers traveled, number of passengers transported and a time factor that grants more value to recent accidents over past ones. The list also contains international audit reports.

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