PNUD: Venezuela third highest youth homicide rate in Latin America

escena-crimen-breaking-event.jpg2According to PNUD’s regional report 2013-2014 “Citizen Safety with a Human Face,” Venezuela has the third highest youth homicide rate in Latin America. According to numbers published in the study, Venezuela reports 64.2 per 100,000 youngsters between 15 and 29 years old.

Venezuela is second as to their residents perception on citizen safety and victimization, reflects the report. In poor neighborhoods, the percentage of people who feel unsafe reaches 43.7%. 58% of the total inhabitants think citizen safety is deteriorated. 19.4% of Venezuelans consider themselves to be direct victims of the lack of safety. The main security threat, according to Venezuelan citizens, is common criminals, followed by gangs by a long stretch. Lastly, they feel threatened by organized crime and drug traffic.

The youth homicide rate in Latin America is 70, with men being the main victims, indicates an investigation carried out by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights published in the report. Venezuela is led by El Salvador, with a youth murder rate of 92.3 and Colombia with 73.4. It is followed by Guatemala with 55.4 and Brazil with 51.6.

Another one of the numbers offered in the report is the use of firearms. Numbers in Venezuela are not quite encouraging in this area either, as the percentage of homicides carried out with fire weapons is 79.5%; placing the nation fourth, behind Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. 50% of robberies involve this type of weapons, placing Venezuela second, only behind Honduras and Colombia.



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