Children and teenager kidnappings increased in 2013

secuestro jovenesA significant increase in the number of children and teenager kidnappings has been reported throughout the nation, especially in the Capital District and the Miranda State since the first week of November 2013.

According to unofficial CICPC numbers, between November 1 and November 9 there were reports of 9 kidnappings of minors. The cases were reported in Cojedes (1), Capital District (2), Miranda (3), Nueva Esparta (1), Aragua (1) and Trujillo (1). Before these cases, March was the month with the highest number of underage kidnapping reports with a total of 6.

In 2012, out of the total number of people kidnapped, 11.5% were under 18 years old. In 2013, that portion increased to 12.8%. One of the factors affecting this increase is the excessive exposure of teenagers at times and places of known kidnapping incidence.

Out of the 44 minors kidnapped in 2013, 19 (43.1%) are between 11 and 15 years old. The abductions have occurred around their homes or as they were going to practice sports or carry out academic activities. In 9 cases, the victims are under 10 years old. They are rarely the target of criminals. In some cases, these minors have been kidnapped as they were in the same vehicle as their guardians.



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