Over 50% of crimes in Caracas occur during the day

robo motorizadosGetting robbed, kidnapped or even murdered is no longer something more probable during the night. In three municipalities of the Caracas Metropolitan Area, most crimes occur during the day. The situation is quite particular in each case; however, these crimes represent over 50% of the total reported or registered.

Daytime robberies in Chacao have increased 60%, said the deputy director of such municipality’s police department, who specified there hasn’t been an increase in crime, only it has migrated to daytime.

Baruta sees the same situation. Most crimes occur during the day, 70% of them perpetrated in motorcycles, said the municipal police director. Such vehicles allow criminals to run away through traffic faster.

The same has occurred in Sucre. According to the director of Polisucre, 60% of crimes occur during the day.

Criminals always strike where and when there are more possible victims. Caracas Residents’ reluctance to going out during the night has made criminals migrate to daytimes. This has made crime evolve, especially in middle-class neighborhoods. Kidnappings are now taking place before dawn, as people make their way to their jobs.

According to Chacao Police reports, in average, 10 crimes are perpetrated each day between 6 am and 6 pm, most of them before 3 pm. 78% of weekly robberies in this municipality take place during the day.


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