What to do in a kidnapping situation (The Victim)

secuestro3.jpegIn a kidnapping situation, both the victim and his/her family need to assume positions that favor a successful conclusion to this traumatic experience. G4S Venezuela offers a few important recommendations on what to do in case you are a victim of this abominable crime:

What should the victim do

  • Victims should do all they can to remain calm, serene, quiet and, as far as possible, keep their dignity intact.
  • Don’t try to identify the kidnappers. This could cost you your life.
  • Don’t try to escape.
  • Don’t try to move from the space they’re keeping you without being ordered to do so.
  • Try to collaborate with the perpetrators to avoid excessive aggressions and come out as good as possible. Don’t talk more than necessary.
  • Don’t give out privileged information about your personal or family funds; assuming what the kidnappers think is real.
  • Provide conventional land lines for communication, and the mobile numbers of one person (previously designated for crisis control) only in extreme cases, thus avoiding dispersion of communication.
  • Try to mentally register as much information, details and references as you can during captivity without letting your kidnappers notice your interest.
  • Kidnaping victims should never think their relatives aren’t doing anything to rescue them or trying to pay the ransom; on the contrary, they’re doing everything in their power to try and rescue their family as soon as possible.


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