8 things you should always keep in your vehicle

averiaNo one is exempt of having their car break in the middle of the road due to mechanical failure, an accident or simply bad weather. The main thing is to keep your vehicle in good conditions and drive safely, but in case you find yourself in an undesirable situation, it is best to be prepared.

Before taking a road trip, make sure you have these essential objects that can help you solve almost any emergency.

  1. Spare tire: make sure it’s in good shape and you have the necessary tools to change it.
  2. Jumper cables: keep a basic tool kit. This way you’ll be able to fix the failure and if you don’t know anything about mechanics, you can make things easier for someone else to help.
  3. Fire extinguisher: especially if you drive an old car. IN case of fire, you can control the incident immediately with this element.
  4. Emergency signals (emergency triangle and light signals): are small and easy-to-store objects you can keep in the trunk. These will protect you if your car breaks in the middle of the road by alerting others of the existence of a vehicle parked ahead.
  5. Flashlight: this object will allow you to inspect the engine and other areas and will help you carry out certain activities I case your car breaks during the night.
  6. Map: although a phone or portable GPS are more commonly used these days, it is also important to have a map. A map could get you back on the right path, considering satellite signal is poor or nonexistent in some areas.
  7. Mobile-cell battery charger: mobile cells have become an essential tool, so don’t forget to keep a car-adaptable battery charger since having your phone during a difficult situation could be of great help for calling emergency services or relatives.
  8. First aid kit: in case of an accident you can take care of minor injuries. Besides packing gauze, bandages, scissors and ointments, don’t forget to add antiseptic, latex gloves and a first aid guide.

Source: Informe21



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