Can you live without internet and social networks?

social mediaIs it possible not to have a Facebook account, going to dinner without looking at your mobile device knowing you’re not about to receive anything important, or avoiding taking a picture of a tasty meal and sharing it on Instagram? Can we live offline?

Mrs. Diana de Livinoff, a member of the Argentinean Psychoanalysis Association, explained that being online is not the issue, the issue arises when the use of a social network such as Facebook becomes an end rather than a means of communication per se, thus altering interpersonal relations.

The problem occurs “when you go on vacation and you’re thinking about the picture you’re going to upload to Facebook instead of living the moment,” illustrates Litvinoff, author of the book “The subject hiding in reality”.

It is unquestionable that our lives are much easier thanks to technology, but there’s also a detrimental side to it.

Social network and electronic device addiction is real and is being recognized by mental health professionals. Users all over the world are suffering from new illnesses caused by the internet.

Months ago a video called “I forgot my phone” went viral. It shows the young woman’s day without her mobile phone as she discovers her close friends are always immersed in their telephones.

Different situations reflect this obsession with electronic devices. Users can’t stop taking pictures, making videos or texting during moments such as a family dinner, a birthday or a concert.

Source: Infobae


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