2013: new record for violence in Venezuela

homicidioescenaAccording to the latest report by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, the 24,763 murders registered in 2013 represent the nation’s all-time high. This translates into a murder rate of 79 per 100,000 inhabitants, the world’s second highest, only behind Honduras (85/100,000 inhabitants). The national average during last year was 68 murders per day, one every 21 minutes.

The study carried out by OVV with the participation of 7 universities indicates murder is today the cause of 12% of the nation’s deaths. The vast majority of victims are still males from poor sectors and in economically productive ages. A man in Venezuela is now 16.5 times more prone to being a murder victim than a woman.

OVV assures crime has a more significant increase in mid-sized and small cities last year, although Caracas was once again the city with the highest criminal incidence. Numbers published by the media indicate that more than 5,800 corpses were registered at the Bello Monte morgue during 2013, a new all-time record. During this period, 99 law enforcement officers were killed. The average number of violent deaths reported in 2013 reached 16 per day.

To compare with other realities, it is known that New York City, with an approximate population of 8.5 million people, closed 2013 with a total of 333 homicides, the lowest of the last 50 years. In contrast, unofficial numbers indicate that, only in December, there were 565 violent deaths reported in Caracas.

OVV’s numbers are conservative, as this study considered only a moderate part of the total number of victims under the categories of “death investigations” and “resisting authority.” The NGO also states that if most Venezuelans hadn’t abstained from carrying out certain activities, restricting places and locations (with the subsequent loss of personal freedom), crime numbers would have been worse in 2013.

Source: El Universal


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