Your next digital password could be the palm of your hand

scanners-handsBank cards with no numerical codes, fan identification systems at stadium gates and computers activated only by their owners are some of the possibilities a new identification system developed in Hungary offers.

The key: a reading of the blood vessels of the palm of your hand as the only digital signature. The reading of these biometric data is possible thanks to the cooperation between Japanese firm Fujitsu and Hungarian AlbaSec, allowing for safe identification of people.

This unique system can recognize five million points in the circulating system of a person’s palm, instead of the usual 10 to 50 used by other techniques. A 3cmx3cm sensor is capable of identifying those millions of points with infrared beams in just one second.

The PalmSecure sensor was developed by Fujitsu, while the Hungarian company developed the software capable of identifying the biometric data of an unlimited number of people thanks to the unique patterns of their hands’ blood vessels.

This artery scanner has several advantages, as the hand never touches the glass, thus leaving no prints that would make it easy to copy the information. The device which costs about 300 euro to install, generates a so-called “hash code,” information it doesn’t keep in its memory but transmits to the system that deciphers these data.

Thus, this scanner could be used for personal identification, as a complement for Passports or as the numerical code used in ATMs. Your secret number is your own hand and nobody else can use it.

Source: EFE



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