WhatsApp new host of Zeus virus used to phish banking data

malware-zeusESET Research Lab in Latin America has warned that the known virus Zeus, one of the most dangerous trojans out there, has changed strategies and now instead of using Facebook to infect its victims’ devices, it’s been using the popular application Whatsapp to fulfill its goals.

Users are now getting an email, apparently from Whatsapp, with a compressed folder called “missed-message.zip”. The text assures the document is a voice message sent by a contact to the instant messaging application. Opening this file will result in the virus infecting our computer and compiling all of our banking services’ access information and passwords.

If you receive this or any similar email with Whatsapp as the sender, you should delete it even before opening it. The texting app does not send reminding emails, messages or other notifications, so you should always distrust them.

To stop getting these emails, experts recommend users to get in touch with their operators or use applications or features built into some devices to block communications from this sender.

Source: ESET Latinoamérica



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