Mobile phone restriction in penitentiaries should reduce street crimes immediately

inselaciune_telefonThe existence of mobile telephones, laptop computers and other digital communication tools inside penitentiaries makes it easy for convicts to organize crimes from their respective reclusion centers without having to be on the streets. Kidnappings, extortions and hired homicides are part of inmates’ crime agenda, which they perform with impunity under the “protection” of their condition as prisoners.

A CICPC officer linked to the investigation of these crimes revealed that 90% of phone call extortions originate from within a prison, so he assures that restricting the use of mobile devices in penitentiaries would “almost completely” eliminate this crime. “This would be a hard blow to kidnapping and hired-gun gangs led by prisoners; although the degree of reduction for these two crimes would be lower”, he said.

For this reason, penal experts insist on the need to double the efforts to prevent the insertion of these devices into the nation’s penitentiaries. But in light of the State’s unwillingness to halt the illegal traffic of mobile telephones, specialists propose the implementation of technological measures to block outgoing calls or disabling mobile devices.

bloq_direccional_recl_10One of the technology alternatives most recommended by experts is the installation of call jammers, due to their quick action and low costs.

A telecommunications security specialist indicated that jammers should be selected based on their range of action, as they could affect the communications of housing developments located close to the penitentiary centers.

“This is a basic solution, but it doesn’t guarantee that, under threat or payment, prison guards won’t turn off the device for a few hours. Or that using a ground cable from outside the prison the inmates can get internet access. It takes government willingness to make this device work”, he explained.

Source: El Nacional



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