How to verify internet images

Fake3Social networks and instant messaging applications are used for information when it isn’t possible to obtain it from conventional media. With sources being less than reliable, it is important to verify the information before sharing it, as some unscrupulous people, protected by anonymity, circulate fake information that contribute to the lack of information.

Steps to verify the authenticity of images:

  1. Confirm the image’s location: using maps and recognizable images from the area. Checking weather reports and shadows to make sure meteorological conditions match the date and time of the picture.
  2. Pay attention to details: such as clothes, construction sites, language, vehicles’ license plates, street signs and any other elements that can confirm whether the image corresponds to the information. You can obtain this information by copying the image’s URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) or uploading it from your computer or PC.
  3. Use web tools such as and Google Images: these two sites provide detailed information on the images found online. allows you to find all web platforms where an image has been inserted by entering the image’s URL or by uploading an image form your computer. Google Images allows you to search the web by image based on date, colors, size and similar images.

Source: UCAB Media Lab



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