How to verify videos on the internet

En realidad se trata de un spot de TBWAChiatDay para promocionar el Nissan Frontier, transmitiendo la idea de que es un robusto vehículo que puede superar cualquier obstáculo. Y para ello nada mejor que llevarlo al extremo con una situación límite como es el rescate de un avión que está a punto de estrellarse. Lo mejor de todo es que en el spot se especifica que no se debe intentar hacer lo mismo al tratarse de una ficción. ¿Se le habrá pasado a alguien por la cabeza probarlo? – TodaNoticia

Actually this is a spot to promote TBWAChiatDay Nissan Frontier, conveying the idea that it is a sturdy vehicle that can overcome any obstacle. And nothing can beat it to the end with an extreme situation such as the rescue of an airplane. Best of all is that specified in the spot that you should not try to do the same because it is a fiction. – TodaNoticia

In our previous issue we showed you how to verify the authenticity of pictures sent through internet. Videos are as important as images, so today we talk about how to verify their authenticity before sharing them.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among other instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger are now being used as substitutes to obtain the information we are looking for. These sources being less than reliable, it is necessary to check what we are reading and watching before sharing, as some unscrupulous people, protected by anonymity, circulate fake information that contribute to the lack of information.

Here are a few tips on how to verify videos on the internet:

  1. Find the original source: in order to do so, you need to examine the channel the video came from. In the case of YouTube, the site offers the option to perform an advanced search applying filters and organizing the information by: the date they were uploaded, type of result, length, functions and relevance. YouTube filters help verify internet videos’ information.
  2. Find points of reference or other distinctive elements on the footage: using these references and Google Maps’ satellite images you can verify the video’s location.
  3. Social media as a means for citizen journalism give you access certain information that can help verify the authenticity of a video. You can interact with users who may have witnessed the events to confirm the facts.
  4. Contact the video creator: YouTube allows you to contact the user who uploaded a video by clicking on the username and displaying their personal information (name, website, location, among other things). You can also use the comments section and interact with the user who uploaded the video.

Source: UCAB Media Lab



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