How to keep your kid from getting bullied at school

Bullying2First of all, parents should always pay attention to the visible and recurring signs their kids may show, such as changes in their behavior, energy and mood: sadness, unexpected crying or tantrums for no apparent reason, sleep and eating disorders, headaches, stomachaches or vomiting, loosing or damaging their school supplies or personal belongings, coming home with bruises or scratches, preferring to be alone most of the time, refusing to go out and relate with friends, relatives, neighbors or classmates, refusing to participate in school or family affairs, finding excuses not to go to school and wanting someone to walk him in and out of school.

Strategies to apply when you suspect your kid is a victim of bullying.

  1. Face the situation: Talk to your kids about school bullying and remind them that intimidating others is not only a violation of human rights, but can imply legal consequences.
  2. Talk to your child’s teacher or the school authorities if you suspect your kid is a victim of bullying.
  3. Consult a psychologist or a specialist to assess the need for support and strategies to apply.
  4. Set an appropriate waiting time before presenting the case at higher instances (LOPNA, DA’s office, etc.).
  5. Stay informed: You and your children should know about cyber bullying. Teach them not to answer or forward threatening messages.

Remember that strengthening your children’s self-esteems and values, as well as keeping constant communication with them will help their development during the various stages of growth. Children imitate their parents’ behaviors and exposing them to aggressiveness or an excessively strict environment makes them more prone to becoming passive or active bullies.

Source: LeaNoticias



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