Tips to control panic during an earthquake

sismoDuring an earthquake, people usually lose control of themselves and let and extreme fear take over until they suffer a nervous breakdown.

Emotions and fears invade us and we don’t know what to do. This is why G4S Venezuela compiled a set of recommendations to follow in order not to become victims not only of the tragedies, but also of the nervousness and anxiety that generate during a seism.

  • People should know how to remain calm during an earthquake, only then they will be able to transfer their sense of security to those who are nervous or anxious.
  • Adults should offer security to the young ones so they can keep calm in these situations.
  • Thinking positive is the right thing to do in order to take action in case of an earthquake. To do so, you must have a notion of earthquake prevention.
  • Prevention for an eventual earthquake begins with the family: Know each person’s role and set up an action plan.
  • Remember to keep an emergency bag prepared with a first aid kit and emergency phone numbers at hand.
  • Identify nervous or anxious people who don’t know how to act during a seism. Give them the necessary support to help them relax and orient them.
  • Anxious and nervous people should stay quiet in safe zones until they can keep calm using breathing techniques to regulate the heartbeat.
  • If your nerves keep you from staying still during an earthquake and you wish to get out of a building, never take the elevator.
  • If you are alone and you’re prone to experiencing nervous breakdowns, take a deep breath and call someone you trust for help.
  • If someone is aware they constantly suffer nervous breakdowns, they should see a specialist to help them identify the circumstances in which these episodes appear.


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