5 myths about mobile phone use

zracenje-mobitelaMobile phones are now indispensable devices for everyone. For every problem, emergency or need for contact, they’re always there. Since they became popular several years ago, there have been speculations around them and, although the mistrust has been reduced, there are still a few myths about them that need to be busted or confirmed.

  1. They can open a car. There’s no way a mobile phone can open a car, except for in a James Bond movie. As much as we may want, mobile phones don’t work for everything, and they sure won’t work for this.
  2. They cause airplane accidents. A widespread conception is that mobile phones cause airplane accidents because their signals interfere with the plane’s navigation systems and cause them to fail. This is supported by flight attendant warnings and requests to turn mobile devices off. However, there are no studies to confirm this, and it seems to be just a matter of prevention.
  3. They make gas stations explode. For a while now it’s been thought that going to get gas while using a mobile device represents imminent danger because their electric charges can cause fire. However, a mobile device does not have enough power to start a fire.
  4. They cause cancer. Mobile telephones can only cause cancer through overexposure. If you’re always talking on the phone, you might develop one of the issues that can later cause brain cancer due to radiation.
  5. Mobile phones cause infertility in men. To the deception of many, this statement is true and those who put away their mobile devices in their pockets will see a sperm reduction. Sperm quality will also decrease if you use your mobile device more than 4 hours per day.

Source: Informe21


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