Android keeps getting popular among cybercriminals

AndroidAndroid keeps getting stronger in the market: currently, 81% of devices have this operating system installed. In the Trends 2014 reports: the challenge of Internet privacy, developed by ESET (a computer safety firm) in November, 2013, showed the increasing number of attacks against the platform, as comparing single detections in 2012 and 2013, it is possible to device a 63% increase worldwide.

Moreover, last year, ESET researchers identified new Android threats that were previously known for Windows and other non-mobile platforms: DropperTrojan, ClickerTrojan and Bank Trojan. Also, in 2013, the company released a research paper on Hesperbot, an advanced bank trojan. Part of this malware’s model was based on violating apps for Android, Symbian and Blackberry OS and thus avoiding the multifactor authentication they use when they sign into some banks.

Here are a few tips for users to stay clear of these threats:

  • Only install applications from the official app store. Using genuine software from official sources and repositories helps minimize the possibility of becoming a victim of malware code.
  • Implement an integral security solution. It must be able to proactively detect malware, screen unwanted messages, checking your phone’s right settings and offering the possibility to remotely erase all the information stored in case of robbery or loss.
  • Update your smartphone’s operating system and applications. As with computers, updating the operating system and programs is necessary to obtain security updates and new functionalities.

Source: Alta Densidad



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