Crime, the scourge of today’s cities

imagen-delincuenciaSince 2008, Latin Americans think their cities’ worst problem is crime. There’s a reason for that, despite underreporting, figures are quite alarming.

“While in the late 80s and early 90s of last century the average murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants for Caribbean and American nations, including the US and Canada, was 14.1 and the most violent countries were Colombia with a murder rate of 67, followed by Honduras (41.1) Guatemala (36.2), Brazil (19.7) and Mexico (17.8). 22 years later, the average murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 21.3, meaning murder violence grew 51%,” indicates an analysis by a renowned security expert.

Venezuela, based on numbers by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, registers the largest growth with 156% and 519%, respectively. Venezuela is followed by Paraguay (147 %), Belize (142 %), Peru (106 %), and Honduras (105 %), all doubling the indicator.

Numbers are clear. That’s why the specialist indicates the most violent cities are in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the annual report by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Penal Justice in the world’s 50 most violent cities.

Brazil is first with 16 cities, followed by Mexico with 9, Colombia with 6 (Cali, Palmira, Santa Marta, Cucuta, Pereira, Medellin), Venezuela 5, Honduras 2 and El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, with one city each.

Source: El Tiempo



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