Crimes derived from drug trafficking

narcotraficoThe efforts to fight international organized crime, particularly drug trafficking, have not been enough. The obstacles that make it increasingly difficult to counteract organized crime activities are related to corruption and low citizen trust in security and justice institutions.

Prisons, penitentiaries and minor and adolescent correctional facilities are not fulfilling their duty, as prisoners continue to commit crimes from within said facilities, and there are no integral policies for citizen safety and coexistence involving crime control preventive and repressive programs. Lack of justice is still impunity’s ally.

Crimes derived from organized crime, especially from drug trafficking:

Extortion and kidnapping: These crimes affect today all sectors of society, from business owners, industrials and farm owners to small stores in poor neighborhoods and communes, public transportation drivers and owners of modest dwellings in popular sectors.

Hired killing: Has gone from being exclusively associated with drug trafficking and organized crime to becoming a criminal action used to settle disputes between common criminals, collecting debts from individuals, retaliations and even punish infidelities.

Violent turf control and drug wholesale: Executed by true city mafias supplying the increasing market of urban drug consumers.

Violent disputes for the control of other illegal businesses: such as gun trading, smuggling and people trafficking.

Illegal gun trading, smuggling, people trafficking: and other almost legal businesses such as prostitution, gambling (casinos), slot machines (in poor neighborhoods) and illegal money-lending by loan sharks.

Source: El Tiempo


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