Learn the dangers of using public Wi-Fi networks

internet_security“Hotspots” (public internet access spots) are typical in bars, public buildings and even parks and squares. Some of them request a password and others don’t, but most are susceptible to hacker attacks. Hackers take advantage of people’s need to stay connected and develop strategies to check everything we do in public networks.

Through these attacks, hackers access the information entered by people as they connect to their bank accounts, shop online or access social media.

What to do?

Although no precaution is 100% safe, being more aware of our behavior when connected to a public Wi-Fi network can help us avoid unwanted attacks. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid making transactions or accessing your bank while on a public network. It’s best to wait until you get home or access a known network.
  • If you’re telephone has internet connection (3G or 4G), don’t use the Wi-Fi network, use your service provider’s network instead, it might be slower, but it’s safer because it uses data encryption.
  • In your mobile phone or computer’s settings, disable the “auto-connect to Wi-Fi” option. This way, you’ll keep your phone from getting connected without you noticing.

To summarize, it’s best to get home to enter personal data on the web.

Source: Correo del Orinoco


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