What you should to keep your kids from being stalked online

ciberacosoFor a few years now, kids appear to be born with a sixth sense that allows them to master new technologies with natural skills even as small children. Computers, tablets and smartphones are part of their lives since they take their first steps, so they’re more easily exposed to the risks involved in the internet.

The reigning anonymity of the internet makes social networks, forums and chat rooms some of the greatest risks for children, as their unsupervised use of the web makes them an ideal target for any sort of attack. This doesn’t mean these tools are damaging. On the contrary, a responsible use of technological tools results in numerous benefits derived from the exchange of ideas with other people. That’s why parents’ job is to educate their children so they don’t become victims or cyber-bullies.

To try and make small children relate with technology and internet safely, the blog “Laboratorio Ontinet.com” offers a series of tips for parents to prevent their children from being the object of some kind of harassment while surfing the web.

  1. Remind your children that cyber-bullying is a punishable crime, so they should report if they’re being victims of persecution. People’s actions on social networks leave a trace. Locating cyber-bullies is usually simple.
  2. Teach them tolerance: Teaching children to respect diversity and encouraging social coexistence should be a mandatory principle in every home. Only then we will instill respect for others in our children.
  3. Detect signs on time: Noticing your child might be a victim of bullying on time helps dealing with possible long-term problems early. Being aware of their reactions when browsing the internet and monitoring their internet activity are two efficient tools.
  4. Report: If you’re a witness of behavior that could be categorized as cyber-bullying, you should report it. If you find out your kid has been bullying others, you should prevent the problem from escalating by adopting the necessary measures to keep your child from maintaining such an attitude. If parents overlook this problem, it will likely grow until causing disastrous consequences.

Source: ABC



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