Caracas burglary cases increasing

robo viviendasAlthough several criminal groups dedicated to burglary in the Chacao area have been dismantled, there are still gangs committing mass robberies in people’s homes.

In some cases using influences with domestic or security staff, criminals access buildings or house complexes and take all kinds of valuable articles and cash.

The director of Polichacao said burglary reports have peaked over the last few months, going from seven to ten cases per week. Robberies used to be random, but now have increased to two per week.

According to this officer, most criminal groups involved in robbery and burglary come from the Libertador Municipality and also affect the areas of La Florida, Los Caobos and La Campiña. He also said the police are currently investigating two building maintenance companies that could be involved in the robberies occurred over the last few days.

Most vulnerable areas of Caracas

  • Chacao. The most vulnerable areas for house burglary and robbery are: Altamira, La Floresta, Los Palos Grandes and La Castellana. In most cases, criminals act in complicity with security or domestic staff. They follow their victims, with previous information, and attack them as they enter their property. Three gangs have been dismantled in the past month.
  • Sucre. Burglaries usually take place during the day and over the weekends, and robberies during the night. According to the director of Polisucre, criminals follow their victims as they leave some establishment and when they arrive at their homes, they intersect them and submit them. Macaracuay and El Marqués are the most affected sectors.
  • Baruta. Two burglaries per week are reported.

Source: El Universal


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