3,200 motorcycle riders have died in road accidents since 2012

motoThe president of the Venezuelan Association for Accident and Disease Prevention (Avepae) informed that no less than 3,200 motorcycle riders have been reported deceased in road accidents throughout the nation between 2012 and today. He pointed out that poor road education and a tendency not to wear protective helmets had an impact on these numbers.

He stated that the association was carrying out a statistical study of all cases and pointed out that these investigations were necessary to prevent the loss of more lives. He said hospital emergency rooms all over the country took numerous motorcycle accident cases every day.

Moreover, the president of the Research Center for Road Education and Security (Ciesvial) thought in terms of road safety the State prioritized vehicles over pedestrians. He said pedestrians were more vulnerable than moving vehicles and should therefore be deemed as more important.

He added that most drivers usually violate pedestrian rights, explaining that the cause could be the fact that offenders weren’t properly sanctioned, considering it a deficiency in the training of authorities.

However, he mentioned a similar problem occurring with pedestrians whom, in his opinion, tend to ignore the meaning of signs and also commit infractions putting their lives at risk.

Both cases remind us that the nation’s road culture should be a joint responsibility of its authorities and its citizens.

Location of fatal injuries in traffic accidents involving motorcycles.

Location of fatal injuries in traffic accidents involving motorcycles.

Source: Globovisión



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