Drivers harassed by “road pirates” at Pto. Ordaz – El Tigre stretch

pto ordaz el tigreCargo drivers going from Puerto Ordaz to El Tigre during night hours have been repeatedly attacked by criminals who set roadblocks forcing them to stop so they can rob them.

These known road pirates usually put large objects on the road so drivers are forced to slow down or even pull over to move the objects only to be attacked by several subjects who take their valuable belongings and vehicles.

Drivers of the area reported they’d seen large objects on the road such as old washing machines, refrigerators and other objects thrown on purpose to force them to stop, they have also reported seeing a vehicle with a lot of people inside parked ahead. To them, those vehicles could be where the criminals are waiting for their victims to slow down so they can ambush them.

They stated the most dangerous stretch was from El Amparo to Km 42. They also report the deplorable road conditions in the area which also forces drivers to slow down to protect their vehicles, giving the criminals more opportunities to attack travelers at gunpoint, especially during the night.

Some users have also reported thieves at the Ciudad Bolívar – Puerto Ordaz road forcing transportation units to pull over and robbing all passengers.

Apparently there are two different MOs, some criminals board the units as passengers and pull out their guns as they drive by Matanzas Industrial Zone in Ciudad Guayana, near Sidor, and take other passengers’ belongings before getting out of the vehicles, and others simply stop the vehicles on the road to get in and rob the passengers.

Source: Nueva Prensa de Guayana


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