Venezuela incorporates crime-fighting technology

identica ADNVenezuelan authorities reported the acquisition of the computer software “Identica,” which will allow them to certify scientific DNA tests to make criminal processing easier. Directors of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) said the implementation of this software in the nation is part of an agreement with Uruguay.

The software allows the matching of different crime modalities with different criminals in different times and spaces, thus contributing to the objectiveness of the criminal investigation thanks to the analysis of DNA samples. This option is fundamental for criminal investigation, because most crimes leave blood and fluid evidence that help identify a criminal.

DNA is the main tool for criminal investigation because it helps create a link between the victim, the perpetrator and the crime scene, giving the Das and judges irrefutable proof at the time of convicting a person or not.

For that reason, the software Identica, used in other Latin American and European countries, will help determine whether a criminal is a repeat offender, as criminals’ genetic profiles are to be saved in a database. This will make it possible to establish connections even with people who have robbed a vehicle, because even though this isn’t a violent crime, they’re not exempt of committing a more serious offense in the future in a different state.

Source: Prensa Latina



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