A few G4S Venezuela tips for your protection

inseguridad2Due to the increasing crime wave, we need to protect ourselves, especially during the night. Here are a few G4S Venezuela tips for your protection:

  1. Avoid take home with your vehicle, girlfriends, friends, grandparents, etc. if you’re at a party and it goes on until late, is recommend staying on site until dawn or having everybody sleep in one place.
  2. If you can’t stay on site and feel hungry as you leave the party, don’t go to 24-h Arepa restaurants or street food vendors. Believe it or not, those places are nesting sites for (express) kidnappers and criminals checking out the vehicle you arrived in, the watch you’re wearing and whether you’re alone or with someone.
  3. Avoid the “panoramic roads” or “shortcuts” at night, use main avenues and streets. If you’re being followed, you’re more prone to getting robbed in such roads and no one will be able to help you or see anything.
  4. If you’re used to carrying a weapon, leave it home, safeguard your family, but at home. Criminals out to rob you or kidnap you are usually not alone, they hang around in groups of at least 3, and if you face more than one, you might not make it our alive.
  5. Don’t argue on the street; people seem to carry weapons more regularly now, and anyone thinks they’re right or entitled to arguing because they have a gun in their hand. It’s more prudent to look the other way and pay no attention, we might look stupid, but we’re actually saving our lives.
  6. Pass this information along to as many people as you can (family, friends, coworkers, etc.).

Source: G4S Venezuela



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