What to do in case of kidnapping or extortion

conas-gnbcorpThe Bolivarian National Guard Anti-extortion and Kidnapping Commando (CONAS – GNB) has made some recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of extortion or kidnapping. Here are the ten most important tips:

  1. Don’t give your financial information to friends or relatives.
  2. Don’t use relationships to identify relatives in your mobile device, use their names.
  3. Never expose personal information on social networks, use security settings.
  4. Avoid entering information in shared computers, especially in internet cafes.
  5. Guide your family so they are not naïve informants by avoiding talking about their recreational activities or the goods they own.
  6. Don’t frequent the same public places.
  7. Try not to brag about what you have; proving you’re wealthy will only catch the attention of unscrupulous people.
  8. Change your routes to work or back home to prevent kidnapping or extortion.
  9. Stay alert on the road, at Banks and nightlife establishments.
  10. If you become a victim of extortion or kidnapping, report to the a

Source: CONAS – GNB



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