Bus accidents took 62 lives during the first semester of 2014

accidentes buses venezuela2According to national press and web media reports, during the first semester of 2014 there were no less than 12 road accidents involving private and public buses in which 62 people were killed.

The incidents also left over one hundred injured. According to sources from Ciesvial (Center for Road Security Research and Education), human failures were the main cause of these tragic accidents.

To Ciesvial, statistics are convincing and have specific reasons. Out of 100% of the road incidents, 92% are of the exclusive responsibility of drivers, 5% are attributed to mechanical failures and only 3% to road conditions. It is humans who are in charge of driving these buses, of performing periodic maintenance on them and ultimately keeping the roads in good conditions.

As to the units, most buses involved in road accidents, or that are part of a passenger route, have been in use for 10 or more years. In a half-organized country, these units would have already been considered obsolete and would be taken out of the roads, as they represent a risk for users.

Source: La Patilla



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