Tips to create a safe password (and II)

contraseña seguraA password can encompass all of the criteria indicated in our previous publication and still be unsafe. For instance, “Hello2U!” meets all of the criteria mentioned for a safe password, but is unsafe because it has a full word. “H3ll0 2 U!” is a safer alternative because it replaces some letters in the full word with numbers and includes spaces.

You can apply the following recommendations to build a safe password:

Create an acronym with information that will be easy to remember. For example, choose a phrase that has a meaning to you, such as “My son was born on December 2004”. Using that phrase as guide, you can use “MswboDec/12,4” as a password.

Use numbers, symbols and orthography errors to replace letters or words in an easy-to-remember phrase. For instance, “My son was born on December 2004” could become “M’sn wb@rn 12124” (you can use spaces in a password).

Relate your password to a hobby or favorite sport. For example, “I love badminton” can become “I’lvB@dm1nt()n”.

If you think you need to write the password down in order to remember it, remember not to write that it is your password, and keep it in a safe place.

Source: Microsoft



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