Security tool at Avila Mountain is one click away

Alpify El AvilaA free mobile App for Android and Blackberry offers Avila National Park (Waraira Repano) visitors the help of a rescue group watching every step hikers take within the park’s 66,192 hectares.

Rescate Caracas, founded in 1968 and with 40 members was the organization responsible for getting the Spanish company Grup Basera SL to yield the rights to their app Alpify for free as a pilot project for Venezuela to offer support in case of emergency and prevention 24-hours a day in the national park.

Alpify descarga

The app only works inside Waraira Repano, outside the area it doesn’t get connected. It must be activated as you enter the park and users only need to click the button if they need help. As soon as someone activates the “panic button” the competent authorities receive a notification.

After downloading Alpify, users must register their personal information as well as a close relative or friend’s telephone number. The system registers the user’s number and activates GPS location and time in case of an incident. With Alpify, the rescue group Rescate Caracas is able to geolocate people in case of an emergency and to establish the path taken by whoever reported the irregular situation (wounded, lost, robbed or others).

Rescate Caracas also sends safety messages to the people within the national park, such as fire reports, landslide reports, weather conditions or other emergencies, also indicating the emergency numbers for the area they’re at.

Alpify has been downloaded for nearly 700 people in one month, and most of these users train twice or three times per day in El Ávila. The app administrators have made it available for the communities (including the cable car and schools) that operate inside the park.

Source: UN



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