New debit-card fraud modality

punto de venta2A new fraud modality is gaining popularity in some business establishments of Caracas. A “trick” with POS terminals is the key of this swindle in which customers see double charges in their accounts. Learn about it step by step:

  1. Users pay their purchases with their debit card as usual. After entering their pin, the receipt comes out blank.
  2. The cashier says they made a mistake by installing the paper roll on the wrong side and guarantees the customer that due to the technical defect the money was not debited from their accounts. They then urge the customer to swipe their card a second time to they can pay for their purchase.
  3. Customers agree to swipe the card one more time. At this point, the cashier uses a different POS that “isn’t damaged” to carry out the operation.
  4. Customers swipe their cards and the transaction goes through.

The detail

Although there’s no receipt for the first transaction, the terminal’s screen indicates whether it was “approved” or “rejected.” In this scam, the money is taken from the account twice, once in the “damaged” POS and once in the one working fine.

The “trick” of using two different POS terminals is critical at the time of a complaint.

What to do?

  1. Keep sight of your card and be aware of the operation of POS terminals.
  2. If an irregular situation arises and you’re required to use your card a second time, make sure you’re making the transaction on the same POS terminal.
  3. You may ask for a transaction report from the POS terminal in which you made your transaction. This report indicates all transactions that went through so far in the day and indicate the amount, card number (first four and last four digits), approval numbers and time. If different POS terminals were used, checking this information is more complex.
  4. Contact your bank to verify whether the transaction went through.

Source: El Diario de Caracas



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