The growth of theft and robbery in Venezuela

robo a mano armadaWithin the crime wave currently affecting Venezuela, theft and robbery, in their different modalities, have increased exponentially. Every day, at any time, criminals are going for people’s personal belongings all over the nation. This situation keeps residents in constant anxiety.

Emboldened criminals commit theft and robberies in the weirdest places (movie theaters, airports, hospitals, educative centers, stadiums and even at church during service) every day. Their target goods are quite diverse, going from cash money, motorcycles, cars and mobile phones to grocery bags (the general crisis and shortage of products makes this increasingly frequent), among many others.

Homicides, due to their gravity, cause great alarm in the society, but theft and robbery occur much more frequently. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Justice stopped publishing specific data many years ago, but the latest Victimization and Citizen Safety Perception Survey carried out in 2009 by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) indicated that nearly 1,000,000 robberies and over 400,000 thefts occur in Venezuela each year. Robbery and theft together encompass 80% of the crimes committed in Venezuela.

The INE survey also indicated that Venezuelans aren’t used to report these crimes against property, so the black numbers are quite high. In the case of robbery, 68.72% didn’t go to the authorities to notify the crime. As to theft, the number reached 77.82%. Most respondents said they didn’t report the cases because the authorities “wouldn’t do anything with them”.

Source: El Universal


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