The child is born with a perception of good and evil

????????????????????????????????????????????????Paul Bloom, Psychology professor of Yale University (EE.UU.), Karen Wynn and Kiley Hamlin, both from said university’s Child Cognition Lab, carried out a deep study of the ability for moral valuation among the children between six and ten months old. The conclusion was that, at that age, children can distinguish between good and bad people, feeling attracted by the former and rejecting the latter.

The team of researchers from Yale recently published a book in which it is concluded that babies are not morally indifferent but that they tend to smile and clap in front of things they consider beautiful and good, while they turn their heads and make faces in front of things they consider as bad or ugly. For scientists, children are born with an instinct that allows them to distinguish good from evil, beauty from ugliness.

As a result of the above, the moral is not a result from the environmental, cultural, social or religious conditioning but something that derives from human nature itself.

On the other hand, this research must serve as a warning for the parents over the delicate mission that means educating their children, even since their infants.

Source: Acción Familia



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