Different modus operandi for car theft

robo de autosSome of the most frequent modus operandi for car theft are crash simulations and shootings against vehicles.

There are six modus operandi most commonly used by the delinquents, which you can find below:

  1. Cars collision and shootings against drivers

A form used by the delinquents for car theft is to attach by shooting their victims either with guns or by throwing stones to the vehicles at night. The delinquents either simulate a collision with the victim’s car or throw stones at them, making the drivers stop. When the drivers stop, the delinquents threaten the victim with gunfire and make it get off the car to then, take the car.

  1. Marking the cars to steal the women

Each delinquent group uses a code to commit their crimes. A circle or a figure ship-shaped drawn on dirty windows of any car will indicate the delinquents that it is a car driven by a woman alone, making her an easy prey. Each group takes responsibility of different areas of the city and use different figures or shapes to expose the type of victim driving the car. Always check if there are rare phrases or symbols written in your vehicle.

  1. Watchmen as accomplices and deactivation of the alarms

The watchmen of some malls and parking lots in the city send the cars away from the security cameras in places previously selected to take them away, working in complicity with the delinquents while the victims are shopping. Said individuals frequently carry devices capable of reading the electronic codes of the alarm systems of the cars so they can deactivate such and steal them.

  1. One victim is followed by up to three delinquents

Another form of car theft is to follow the victims inside the supermarkets or stores. Up to three delinquents might be part of a crime. One of the delinquents would follow the victim when he/she enters into a shop. Meanwhile, another delinquent (called “switcher”) opens the car and turn it on by making contact with the switchboard cables. The third delinquent would wait in the surroundings in another vehicle, until the theft has been completed.

  1. Contacting the owners through ads

Many groups use the press, Internet or information written in the glasses of the cars to make contact with the owners, making them believe that they are interested in buying the cars. Reports are frequently made stating that the owners have put an ad to sell the car, have been contacted and appointed for a meeting in lonely streets where the car is taken by the delinquents. Afterwards, they are contacted again to ask for a ransom in order to get the car back. This form of car theft is also used by the “road pirates” to find trucks and steal them.

  1. Delinquents are believed to be passengers

This problem does not leave aside transportation units. Daily, many thefts of public transport are reported. Generally, the delinquents make themselves look like passengers to later threaten the driver with a gun and force him/her to deliver the vehicle.