28 minors were kidnapped until August 2014

secuestro de niñosWith the start of the summer break, reports of kidnapped minors began to increase. In only six days, unofficial reports issued by the judicial police (CICPC) and the National Guard (GN) indicate that at least 28 minors were kidnapped nationwide. There were reports in Caracas, Miranda, Aragua and Anzoátegui. In some cases, the victims are still in captivity.

This number is equivalent to 20% of the overall total known to CICPC and GN. In 2012, minors represented 11.5% of the total kidnapping cases, and 12.8% in 2013.

This year there have been cases reported involving kids under four in Zulia, Trujillo and Capital District. According to police sources, one of the factors affecting the increase of kidnappings is the regrouping of three large gangs that were “hit” by the police in the first four months of the year. Currently they’re operating in neighborhoods of the Sucre municipality and in the Cafetal-Los Naranjos axle.

Source: El Nacional