The child is born with a perception of good and evil

????????????????????????????????????????????????Paul Bloom, Psychology professor of Yale University (EE.UU.), Karen Wynn and Kiley Hamlin, both from said university’s Child Cognition Lab, carried out a deep study of the ability for moral valuation among the children between six and ten months old. The conclusion was that, at that age, children can distinguish between good and bad people, feeling attracted by the former and rejecting the latter.

The team of researchers from Yale recently published a book in which it is concluded that babies are not morally indifferent but that they tend to smile and clap in front of things they consider beautiful and good, while they turn their heads and make faces in front of things they consider as bad or ugly. For scientists, children are born with an instinct that allows them to distinguish good from evil, beauty from ugliness.

As a result of the above, the moral is not a result from the environmental, cultural, social or religious conditioning but something that derives from human nature itself.

On the other hand, this research must serve as a warning for the parents over the delicate mission that means educating their children, even since their infants.

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Crime rate down 20% in quadrants protected by PNB in Petare

petareThe National Bolivarian Police Department (PNB) is in charge of four quadrants within the Petare parish, where they have managed to reduce the crime rate by 20%, with a “significant reduction of 48%” specifically in homicides, said the director of PNB.

Non-fire-weapon injuries were reduced by 46%, theft is down 17%, robbery is down 31% and motorcycle theft has decreased 85%. Motorcycles are the most popular vehicles among Petare residents. This proves the methodology applied by Smart Patrolling with the framework of the Safe Homeland Plan generates reliable and palpable results in the community.

He added that police presence is notable, generating trust among residents towards the officers, thus improving communication.

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A Smartphone will be the master key to access hotel rooms in Hilton hotels

hotelsThe multinational hotel chain Hilton recently announced a new application that will allow them to control even more aspects of their guests stays in their hotels with the use of a smartphone.

Geraldine Calpin, vice president and global head of digital at Hilton Worldwide, said they has analyzed the opinions of over 40 million members of HHonors through surveys, review sites and social network posts. According to the results, customers wish to have more control and choice options. In fact, 84% of business travelers said they wished they had the opportunity to choose their own rooms.

By the end of the year, Hilton’s “digital check-in” and room selection will be available in over 4,000 Hilton properties around the world, in over 80 countries members of Hilton HHonors.

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Security tool at Avila Mountain is one click away

Alpify El AvilaA free mobile App for Android and Blackberry offers Avila National Park (Waraira Repano) visitors the help of a rescue group watching every step hikers take within the park’s 66,192 hectares.

Rescate Caracas, founded in 1968 and with 40 members was the organization responsible for getting the Spanish company Grup Basera SL to yield the rights to their app Alpify for free as a pilot project for Venezuela to offer support in case of emergency and prevention 24-hours a day in the national park.

Alpify descarga

The app only works inside Waraira Repano, outside the area it doesn’t get connected. It must be activated as you enter the park and users only need to click the button if they need help. As soon as someone activates the “panic button” the competent authorities receive a notification.

After downloading Alpify, users must register their personal information as well as a close relative or friend’s telephone number. The system registers the user’s number and activates GPS location and time in case of an incident. With Alpify, the rescue group Rescate Caracas is able to geolocate people in case of an emergency and to establish the path taken by whoever reported the irregular situation (wounded, lost, robbed or others).

Rescate Caracas also sends safety messages to the people within the national park, such as fire reports, landslide reports, weather conditions or other emergencies, also indicating the emergency numbers for the area they’re at.

Alpify has been downloaded for nearly 700 people in one month, and most of these users train twice or three times per day in El Ávila. The app administrators have made it available for the communities (including the cable car and schools) that operate inside the park.

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