Teachers would stop bullying with surveillance

?????????During the psychological wellbeing workshops that took place in Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB), teachers, psychologists and specialist in social networks and laws spoke about the phenomenon that affects students and those results in moral, emotional and physical damages that require attention and care from experts.

The clinical psychologist and specialist in orientation and family-school bond, Geraldine Morillo, asked parents, representatives, authorities and the different groups that make up the community to work together. She explained the audience about the need to stop bullying through active vigilance.

The psychologist suggested teachers to carry on watching shifts to keep students under surveillance in all the school areas including, restrooms, courts, cafeterias, school buses, backyards and halls, a suggestion that was supported by the audience. She also stated that teachers must write coexistence manuals, diagnose the types of harassments with its characteristics, involve parents and penalize that kind of behavior in order to keep away from being allowing or blind towards it.

She reminded the audience that in every harassment case there is a victim, a victimizer and spectators, and she pointed out that, in the majority of the cases, both the victim and the victimizer learned the behavior in their homes. To take students complaints seriously and to talk separately with all the parties involved in a case, calling the parents to be aware of the situation and to assist in its corresponding solution.

Source: UN


Android picture and video kidnapping malware found

smartphones2-700x400Security expert Robert Lipovsky, of the antivirus firm Eset, has located a Trojan called Simple Shocker. This dangerous malware blocks infected users’ mobile devices, cyphering their pictures, documents and other contents and requesting money to perform a system restore.

So far, the main victims have been in Eastern Europe, in countries such as Ukraine, where users are being asked an amount equivalent to 21 USD to unlock their devices, something that would occur 24 hours after the transaction has been completed.

Source: Alta Densidad

Cyber-crime on the rise, according to survey

ciberataquesAn annual survey on cyber-crime tendencies found that computer hackers dedicated to accessing computers, stealing information and causing problems are more technologically advanced than those in charge of stopping them. The survey was sponsored by the consultancy firm PwC of San Jose California, the Secret Service, Carnegie Mellon University’s Program Engineering Institute and the specialized magazine CSO.

The survey of 500 business executives, police forces and US government agencies revealed that 75% of respondents had detected a security breach during the previous year, and each organization suffered an average of 135 intrusions. “Despite significant investments in cyber-safety technologies, cyber-criminals keep finding ways to bypass these technologies to obtain profit-generating susceptible information,” said Ed Lowery, chief of the Secret Services’ criminal investigation division.

Lowery said companies and the government should adopt “a radically different approach on cyber-safety,” one that transcends antivirus programs, employee training, close collaboration with contractors and the installation of more strict processes.

The five most frequent attack methods, according to the survey, are “phishing,” or mass email with fake senders to steal information and passwords, malware, network interruption, espionage software and service denial attacks. 28% of respondents said hackers were members of the organization, whether contractors, providers, employees or former employees.

Source: AP

Global Alert and Response (GAR) by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Ebola infographic: What you need to know – August 2014

Travel to and from Ebola-affected countries is low risk
Here is what you need to know


Crime rate down 20% in quadrants protected by PNB in Petare

petareThe National Bolivarian Police Department (PNB) is in charge of four quadrants within the Petare parish, where they have managed to reduce the crime rate by 20%, with a “significant reduction of 48%” specifically in homicides, said the director of PNB.

Non-fire-weapon injuries were reduced by 46%, theft is down 17%, robbery is down 31% and motorcycle theft has decreased 85%. Motorcycles are the most popular vehicles among Petare residents. This proves the methodology applied by Smart Patrolling with the framework of the Safe Homeland Plan generates reliable and palpable results in the community.

He added that police presence is notable, generating trust among residents towards the officers, thus improving communication.

Source: Noticias24

Security tool at Avila Mountain is one click away

Alpify El AvilaA free mobile App for Android and Blackberry offers Avila National Park (Waraira Repano) visitors the help of a rescue group watching every step hikers take within the park’s 66,192 hectares.

Rescate Caracas, founded in 1968 and with 40 members was the organization responsible for getting the Spanish company Grup Basera SL to yield the rights to their app Alpify for free as a pilot project for Venezuela to offer support in case of emergency and prevention 24-hours a day in the national park.

Alpify descarga

The app only works inside Waraira Repano, outside the area it doesn’t get connected. It must be activated as you enter the park and users only need to click the button if they need help. As soon as someone activates the “panic button” the competent authorities receive a notification.

After downloading Alpify, users must register their personal information as well as a close relative or friend’s telephone number. The system registers the user’s number and activates GPS location and time in case of an incident. With Alpify, the rescue group Rescate Caracas is able to geolocate people in case of an emergency and to establish the path taken by whoever reported the irregular situation (wounded, lost, robbed or others).

Rescate Caracas also sends safety messages to the people within the national park, such as fire reports, landslide reports, weather conditions or other emergencies, also indicating the emergency numbers for the area they’re at.

Alpify has been downloaded for nearly 700 people in one month, and most of these users train twice or three times per day in El Ávila. The app administrators have made it available for the communities (including the cable car and schools) that operate inside the park.

Source: UN

Over 50 million smartphones are vulnerable to hacker attacks

Heartbleed bugAbout 50 million smartphones with the operating system Android have been left vulnerable to hacker attacks due to the “heartbleed” security bug, discovered mid-April this year.

The devices affected are those running under Android version 4.1.1, or “Jelly Bean”, according to a study carried out by the analytics firm Chitika, said British newspaper The Guardian. Apparently, the bug has been there for two years, but it only became public when the patch to counteract it was launched.

Devices running under that version of Google’s operating system will be vulnerable to an action described as “reverse Heartbleed,” by which a malware server could use the bug of the encryption system OpenSSL -the most popular online encryption system- to steal information from devices’ browsers.

 “Reverse Heartbleed” could expose passwords and user activity. In theory, devices with previous versions of Android, those that aren’t being updated anymore, would also be vulnerable, but at Google they assured that less than 10% of the world’s active devices could have been affected by this bug.

Source: BlackBerry Vzla