A Smartphone will be the master key to access hotel rooms in Hilton hotels

hotelsThe multinational hotel chain Hilton recently announced a new application that will allow them to control even more aspects of their guests stays in their hotels with the use of a smartphone.

Geraldine Calpin, vice president and global head of digital at Hilton Worldwide, said they has analyzed the opinions of over 40 million members of HHonors through surveys, review sites and social network posts. According to the results, customers wish to have more control and choice options. In fact, 84% of business travelers said they wished they had the opportunity to choose their own rooms.

By the end of the year, Hilton’s “digital check-in” and room selection will be available in over 4,000 Hilton properties around the world, in over 80 countries members of Hilton HHonors.

Source: Almomento360


30,000 video surveillance cameras to fight crime in 16 Venezuelan cities

VEN 911-SIMAThe Venezuelan Government signed an agreement with the company CIEC to install 30,000 video surveillance cameras to fight crime in 16 cities nationwide between 2014 and 2016.

The representative of the company said that with their experience in the implementation of monitoring centers worldwide, they have come to Venezuela to offer the necessary training to manage the VEN 911 plan.

This training is part of the project led by VEN 911, and includes topics such as: emergency management theory, early alerts, prevention, information leveling, communication leveling, basic communication theories, data networks, as well as the structure of the monitoring and assistance system, all with the purpose of providing the operators with the specific knowledge they need to handle the system.

Source: Alta Densidad

What’s the average time spent using a smartphone?

Uso-excesivo-de-smartphonesTwo hours and 42 minutes per day is the average time spent by the average Smartphone user in the US, according to the latest statistics shown by Flurry, an App and developer-tool-analysis-software.

According to this measurement, 86% of this time is used to manage applications and the rest for mobile (web) browsing. Comparing last year’s figures with those of five years ago, we can see the increase in the average time spent on mobile devices has been of only 2.5%, but these devices still occupy a great share of consumers’ time.

Gaming apps take up 32 percent of users’ time, and social apps such as Facebook or Twitter and messaging services went from 24 percent to 28 percent.

Source: Alta Densidad

Venezuela incorporates crime-fighting technology

identica ADNVenezuelan authorities reported the acquisition of the computer software “Identica,” which will allow them to certify scientific DNA tests to make criminal processing easier. Directors of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) said the implementation of this software in the nation is part of an agreement with Uruguay.

The software allows the matching of different crime modalities with different criminals in different times and spaces, thus contributing to the objectiveness of the criminal investigation thanks to the analysis of DNA samples. This option is fundamental for criminal investigation, because most crimes leave blood and fluid evidence that help identify a criminal.

DNA is the main tool for criminal investigation because it helps create a link between the victim, the perpetrator and the crime scene, giving the Das and judges irrefutable proof at the time of convicting a person or not.

For that reason, the software Identica, used in other Latin American and European countries, will help determine whether a criminal is a repeat offender, as criminals’ genetic profiles are to be saved in a database. This will make it possible to establish connections even with people who have robbed a vehicle, because even though this isn’t a violent crime, they’re not exempt of committing a more serious offense in the future in a different state.

Source: Prensa Latina